Get lost this weekend


This weekend is International Surfing and Father's Day: Two of our favorite holidays, back to back!

International Surfing Day was created in 2004 to observe coastal protection, and as a day to leave a sign on the door to your office: GONE SURFING. Happily, this year it and Father's Day falls on a weekend, and we just can't help but think that's the universe suggesting an outdoor, watersport weekend… This weekend, we encourage you to play in the water. Listen to the waves breaking. Get lost. We believe that getting out and getting lost means creating memories with your family and friends.


Our fathers taught us how to approach and embrace the world, and we think that life is like surfing: you must go with the flow to make it work. We are a company of millennials, and some of us are becoming fathers ourselves. To us, fatherhood means leaving a legacy in another person.


Co-Owner and Co-Founder Matt Myers and his son, at the 2015 M22 Challenge.


Fatherhood means being a role model, and at M22, conservation and land ethics is paramount: our business is an embodiment of the lifestyle of our area, the National Lakeshore. We celebrate our fresh water splendor by playing in it: kiteboarding, surfing, swimming, and plain ol’ floating. We also celebrate it by protecting it. Ever since we started, we have donated 1% of our sales to the Leelanau Conservancy, to help keep our shores clean and preserved for the future.

We’d like to thank you, for supporting us, and contributing to that legacy we all enjoy! Happy International Surfing Day, and Happy Father’s Day!



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