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Help us build our on the ground dream team.

We're looking for artists, athletes, and adventurers with a passionate drive to join our team. How does it work? We give you merch, discounts, and other perks. You help share M22 with the rest of the world.


Level 1: Brand Advocates 

Advocates are M22's favorite fans. Does this sound like you? They are people who get what M22 is all about—exploring northern Michigan and beyond, and sharing that passion with the rest of the world. They also know their way around social media, have a solid following, and post often with quality content. Advocates get a welcome package of merch and goodies plus access to the newest products regularly, helping us set the pace for our online community.

  • Welcome package and premium access to our newest products
  • Sneak peeks at our pre-launch items and a chance to shape designs
  • A chance to have work shared and recognized on our Instagram and/or Facebook pages

Level 2: Brand Ambassadors  

If an Advocate proves their capabilities with some solid work and dedication, they have the opportunity to advance into an Ambassador. Brand Ambassadors are a select group of people that work closely with our team to develop ways to share passion for M22. Athletes, photographers, writers, adventurers, community figures, filmmakers, musicians, and more—each ambassador maintains a unique agreement with us. From writing a feature article or competing in an event to creating a video or song, we're open to any idea for the right person, and will work with you to develop a unique set of requirements.

  • Exclusive discounts to our online store
  • Featured on our website, in social media, and other marketing
  • A chance to be an integral part of M22's progress
  • Opportunity for support on trips, with gear, or with projects.

M22 Athletes

M22 Athletes are all about elevating their sport on a local and regional level. The team exists to build community amongst athletes that seriously train and passionately compete—no posers or coasters allowed. M22 is a team to respect and revere; they are hardcore athletes with a drive to top the podium.



Fill out this form to be considered for the program. We'll get back with you soon.