Our Roots

Created by a passion for wind, waves and northern Michigan, M22 was founded in 2004 by kiteboarding brothers, Matt and Keegan Myers. Since then, the M22 brand has become symbolic of the up north way of life and the appreciation for this paradise we all share.

Early Life - Neahtawanta

Growing up in Neahatawanta on the Old Mission peninsula, the Myers brothers were surrounded by water and forests. There they worked, cut wood to heat their home, and explored––every day was an adventure. In pursuit of surfable waves, they studied the weather like sailors and learned to understand freshwater waves and currents. They would kite board miles offshore on Lake Michigan, harnessing the power of the wind and connecting with Mother Nature.


Together, they started Broneah Kiteboarding (that’s “brother” and “Neahtawanta” combined) and became well known in the kiting world. Not only did they kite as much as possible, they also taught kiteboarding, edited for a kiteboarding magazine, competed, photographed, were sponsored, and traveled––all for their love for kiteboarding.

"The M22 logo is a symbol of our passion, our lifestyle, and with that in mind, we put it on a shirt and wear it proudly."
- Matt Myers

Humble Beginnings

The brothers' passion for kiteboarding was getting the attention of locals and businesses in the area. As luck would have it, Traverse Magazine did an interview and photo shoot with the brothers for a story on kiteboarding. Keegan happened to be wearing one of their short-run M22 shirts that the brothers had made for their kiteboarding friends. From there, the interest was sparked. The symbolism that they, and so many of us love, was inspired-by the M22 logo. They, slowly, realized they had created more than just the kiting community; a connection to our freshwater paradise and all that it represents.

M22 Now

At the heart of what we do is a desire to share a passion for this insanely amazing place. We’re here to reconnect people and weave a common thread. To inspire others to put down their phones, leave their desks, and explore––to protect the places we love for the future generations to come.

When you see someone repping an M22 logo, share a smile and know that you have a mutual appreciation for life along the fresh coast.