If you love northern Michigan and want to work for a great company, see if one of our positions might be the right fit for you. Here are some jobs open at M22 right now:


Assistant Store Manager

Job Summary:

The 2nd Assistant Store Manager (ASM) is responsible for assisting the Store Manager (SM) in ensuring that they, along with each employee are upselling guests. The 2nd ASM will work closely with each employee to ensure they have all the tools required to successfully complete all job responsibilities. The 2nd ASM is in charge of all stockers. Ultimately, the duties of the ASM are to represent the brand by providing excellent customer service, maintain a clean and inviting store, meet store sales goals, all with a good attitude and a passion for the Great Lakes region. 


  • Lead by example by adhering to all Sales Associate level job responsibilities. 
  • The 2nd ASM is in charge of all stockers. This includes proper staff training on handling products, as well as stickering and signage. 
  • Ensure all items in the basement are represented on the sales floor. This includes all sizes of specific items. 
  • Ensure that all items in the store are stickered, or signed appropriately. 
  • Do monthly one on ones with all stockers. Use constructive criticism as well as positivity and enthusiasm to ensure employee growth and development.
  • Assist with all banking procedures. This includes ensuring all registers are always equipped with proper change and counting the safe daily. 
  • Act as the Manager on Duty (MOD) for each shift. The MOD is responsible for handling all customer and employee complaints or concerns. MOD is also responsible for closing and opening the registers. 
  • Delegate responsibilities to ensure the store stays up to the M22 Brand standards. This includes cleaning standards. 
  • Assist the SM in making Daily Trackers and ensuring that all opening and closing checklists are being completed correctly. 
  • Assist with merchandising and store design.
  • Assist with donations as needed.
  • Assist with filling online orders, or helping any other department as needed.
  • Ensure all staff knows proper apparel handling procedures. You are responsible for ensuring all sizes are represented on the sales floor, size stickers are consistent, and folding is being kept up with. 
  • Act with the needs of the business first; be flexible and open to change. 
  • You are responsible for covering call outs, while avoiding overtime of yourself and the staff.
To apply: Stop by our TC location to fill out an application or email our Store Manager Jonny Tornga -


Sales Associate

Job Summary:

The Sales Associate will work closely with customers to determine their needs, answer questions about our products, and recommend the correct solutions. Ultimately, the duties of a Sales Associate are to achieve excellent customer service, maintain a clean and inviting store, while consistently meeting store sales goals.


  • Smile and sincerely welcome every guest.
  • Approach each guest and assess his or her needs. 
  • Overcome objectives by asking open-ended questions.
  • Track and exceed daily sales goals.
  • Every transaction must include an “add-on” sale.
  • Correctly complete all POS transactions.
  • Follow opening and closing checklists to ensure the entire cleanliness for our guests.
  • In downtime, keep the store organized, dust free, and stocked.
  • Participate in contests; team sales goals and other incentive programs.
  • Maintain an open and friendly attitude towards guests, employees, and management.
  • Follow the “G.U.E.S.T.” program outlined in the handbook.
  • Follow company policies and guidelines detailed in the handbook.

To apply: Stop by our TC location to fill out an application or email our Store Manager Jonny Tornga -