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UPDATE, OCT. 1, 2015: Thanks to you, our LOVE Glen Arbor shirts raised over $7,000, covering all out-of-pocket expenses for our employees with vehicle damage. Overwhelmed by that success and the generosity of others, we’ve decided to extend our donations to the entire Glen Arbor community. Now, with your purchase of any LOVE Glen Arbor item, we’ll donate 22% of sales to The Friends Of Sleeping Bear Dunes, benefiting their restoration efforts of the Heritage Trail. Read more and purchase your shirt at


Just one of the damaged vehicles belonging to Glen Arbor store staff.



The storm. It was only last week, but the aftermath will be ours forever. Trails, landscapes, business, lives—all have been permanently altered. Glen Arbor as we all knew it will never be the same.

At M22, we’ve always felt an important responsibility to support the Leelanau area. It’s a part of us, our very roots. Along with our customers, we’ve been asking, “What can we do?”

Inspired by our community members offering food, electricity, manpower (and even hugs!), we’ve decided to make an impact in the most effective and immediate way possible: by helping our employees. At our store in Glen Arbor, we were lucky enough to not sustain any real harm. However, our employees didn’t have it so easy.

Nearly every one of our staff’s cars were damaged by fallen trees, some to the point of total ruin. These hardworking people—mostly college students, saving for the upcoming fall semester—are left devastated. Because of insurance costs, most of the repairs have to be paid out-of-pocket.

So for each LOVE Glen Arbor shirt sold in our store, we’re donating $10 to help our staff repair or replace their vehicles


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“People were running into our store for shelter, and the doors began flying open from the wind. So we we immediately took everyone downstairs for safety.”
-Emily, M22 Glen Arbor store employee

“When we realized how bad the storm was, we rushed to try and save a family biking on the trail. When we came back, I noticed a tree had fallen on the back of my truck; it was completely shattered. To get home and avoid the closed roads, my brother ended up picking me a boat.”
-Gus, Crystal River Outfitters Cyclery employee

“I was walking to my car to head home when the storm hit, but decided to turn back into the store for shelter. I’m glad I did, because immediately after a tree fell down on top of it, pancaked the roof in. The car? It’s a total loss. But at least I’m alive!”
-Rob, Crystal River Outfitters employee



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