Why We're Here

M-22, the road that is, would not be nearly as beautiful without the Leelanau Conservancy. Our friends at this organization have protected more land along our beloved highway than you can imagine—preserving the fantastic landscapes and views we see from our bikes, running shoes and standup paddleboards. The Conservancy gives us access to amazing places like Clay Cliffs, Houdek Dunes, and Whaleback Natural Areas—all located along M-22. They have also made sure that Sonny Swanson’s farm and its iconic yellow stand along M-22 endures, and that the vineyards and orchards we cruise past will continue to be farmed. Over 11,500 acres—all over Leelanau—have been forever protected.

From our perspective, these special places are only going to grow in importance for our children as population increases and our daily lives become more and more consumed with technology. Spending time at the Conservancy’s natural areas will become our way of unplugging, helping to reset our minds and bring us back to nature.

Since the very beginnings of M22, we have given back to the Leelanau Conservancy by donating one percent of our gross sales. Over time, that contribution has added up to help them protect working farms and spectacular natural lands. Why do we donate? Because the work they are doing reflects our values too.

If you are a fan of M22 and believe in the Leelanau Conservancy, we hope you will become a member. The Conservancy will keep you up-to-date on all the work they are doing. But the best thing you’ll receive is the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to protect a place we all love.

For more information on the Leelanau Conservancy and how to become a member click here. 

Matt and Keegan Myers
M22 Founders


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