In Winter

With cold temperatures, snow/ice, and shorter days, conventional-thinking says that winter is the worst time to do anything outside. For northern Michigan locals, passion speaks louder than the conditions.

"We've got big goals & small rivers in Michigan, so we don’t have the option to take winter off. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s beautiful and sometimes I can’t believe I’m one of the only people using the river in February."

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In Winter: Keystone Rapids Paddling

It's 8am on Saturday morning and a small group of paddlers are beginning to arrive at the Keystone Rapids parking lot. It's the dead of winter, temperature is just above zero, and the conditions aren't stiffling the laughter and stoke of this small group of paddlers.

Even with the added clothing, safety precautions, and planning around (or with) snowstorms; adventuring in winter still can be the most rewarding time to go. There’s something about the crisp air that once you can embrace it, it turns into something you crave.

"February, in northern Michigan, is the coldest month of the year, yet the low temperatures won’t keep us from adventuring."

Despite the temperature of -5℉, this winter wonderland version of Tahquamenon Falls is epic.

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In Winter: Camp Sub Zero

The truck thermometer read -5℉ and we were geared up and ready to go. In winter, we take a camp trip to the Upper Peninsula to capture its beauty, adventure, and share memories.